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Turning visions
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"We blend sustainable and eco friendly architecture with beautiful design"

A creative architectural practice with over 20 years of experience across a range of sectors. 

Our main studio is located in North Wales and we have a second in Chester city centre. We provide a range of tailored architectural services for a variety of projects: residential, housing developments, leisure and education. We have a strong reputation for providing our customers with creative and practical solutions delivered to budget.

If you have a vision or project in mind, contact us today. We can help you realise your vision or create bespoke solutions for your project.


Chester & North Wales based Architects

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Passivhaus and low carbon buildings

We are specialists in the design of low carbon and energy efficient buildings. Passivhaus is the German gold standard for low energy buildings. Our designs are never compromised by performance requirements and "the devil is in the detail". (A phrase attributed to the famous German-born architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe). If you are looking to design a sustainable, energy efficient home, then look no further.

Passivhaus design minimises energy consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional buildings. By utilising innovative insulation techniques, airtight construction and high performance windows, we create homes that remain comfortable year round whilst drastically reducing energy bills.

Investing in a Passivhaus-deigned home isn't just beneficial for the environment; its a smart financial decision. With lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs and increased sale value, our Passivhaus properties offer long term savings and peace of mind.



Social and Affordable

The services we can provide

CGI Render New Build

Planning & Building Regulations

Planning & Building Regulations applications are the two statutory requirements for most building projects. We offer services tailored to fit your needs and our costs will cover the architectural drawings and information required to progress these milestones. In addition we can create stunning 3D visualisations.

Site Progress - Glan Conwy

Full Architectural Services

We can offer a package that takes the planning and building regulations information to the next level! By increasing the scope of works to include further construction detailing, specification of materials, products, fixtures and finishes. This information can then be used by builders and contractors in order to produce more accurate and fixed costs for the works. 

Passivhaus Apartments

Passivhaus Design

A Passivhaus combines high level comfort with very low energy consumption.

The most important principle of a Passivhaus is insulation applied continuously around the building envelope without thermal bridging. This significantly reduces heat loss, especially during winter.

Our in house specialist will guide you through this process.

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