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Meet the Team

Robert Blount

Director & Chartered Architect


William Gill

Director & Chartered Architectural Technologist


Our People

"Our staff are a talented group with strengths that complement each other."


David Robbins

Architectural Technologist


John Horden

Consulting Architect


Liam Green

Architectural Technician

John P Horden started his own architectural consultancy firm in1998, having worked for well established local architectural firms for many years prior. His expertise in vernacular styles and traditional architecture, coupled with vast experience in industrial facilities, steel frame buildings and processing plants, provided the perfect grounding for the formation of a modern architectural practise in the local area. Having spent most of his career drawing the 'proper way' by hand, he decided to team up with Robert, who was a pioneer of the time in architectural drawing and visualisation software. Robert has a keen eye for design and excels in modern forms of architecture and contemporary styles. A successful partnership followed and the pair obtained a growing client base and in 2003, the duo formed a company by the name of JPH Architects Ltd.


The company was formed in John's image and his philosophy of hard work, the detail is as important as the design and form follows function has never faded. John has been instrumental in the development of young professionals and in 2019, having spent his early career learning the profession with JPH Architects Ltd William was made a director of the company. As a chartered Architectural Technologist, he continues to drive the design and detail ethos and has established strong relationships with developers and construction professionals, who relish the opportunity to work with the company on a vast array of projects. Following Johns 'retirement' (in his words "you can never give up") Our Chartered Architect Robert, is now the senior director of the company. His experience and continuing passion for modern and contemporary architecture, preserves the company's ability to provide architectural designs that continue to surpass our clients' expectations and meet the brief. 

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