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Commercial & Community Projects

Commercial projects come in a number of shapes and sizes intergrading various criteria or processes.  We have worked on retail units, cafes, bars, restaurants, lodge parks, leisure facilities and industrial premises such as process facilities and factories.  The main focus is to meet the clients expectations and design a building that focuses on the purpose group and end users. Most commercial building often move away from traditional building methods and we have all the necessary experience to deliver. 


Bailey Hill Community Hub


To design buildings that will provide the end users with an attractive, comfortable and vibrant environment. To meet the clients expectations and to be an integral part of the design team 


Commercial projects allow us to express design flair and implement various contemporary or mainstream architectural styles which are inspired by location, the site, building function and most important; the clients vision and brief.


Ty Mundo Cafe

Offices, Health Care, Retail & Leisure

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