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Whether your interest lies with developing a project that complies with the current Building Regulations fabric first approach or would like to develop a low carbon or Passivhaus project, we are here to help.  Using the ‘Passivhaus Planning Package’ we can develop your residential or commercial project to comply with the design criteria set out by the Passivhaus institute.  

Wind turbines
Energy efficiency

A Passivhaus combines high level comfort with very low energy consumption. The most important principle of a Passivhaus is insulation applied continuously around the building envelope without thermal bridging. This significantly reduces heat loss, especially during winter. Internal surfaces are almost the same as the indoor air temperature due to the high levels of insulation. This ensures a very comfortable indoor climate and avoids damage caused by the humidity of indoor air.

Imagine a home where the temperature remains consistent throughout the seasons, with no drafts or cold spots. Our Passivhaus designs prioritise thermal comfort, ensuring that you'll enjoy a cozy living environment regardless of external conditions.

Indoor air quality is crucial for your health and well-being. With Passivhaus design, we implement mchanical ventilation systems that consistantly supply fresh air while efficiently filtering pollutants, allergens and toxins, creating a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future with our sustainable building practices. Passivhaus design aligns with eco-friendly principles, utilising renewable energy sources and minimising resource consumption throughout the construction process.


Air Tightness

Airtight construction improves the comfort levels for the resident, significantly reduces heat loss. Most importantly this reduces the amount of energy used saving you money all year around. Buildings are smoke tested to check for air leakage, see our recent video above. 

No need for fossil fuels, the building recycles heat using mechanical ventilation and heat recovery

Passivhaus Apartments 2.jpg

Passivhaus Apartments, North Wales

We have been involved in the design and certification of both commercial and residential projects for a number of years. If Passivhaus certification is not for you then we are still able to use the principles of design and methods of construction to develop a low carbon and sustainable project. Passivhaus sets the gold standard for energy efficiency and eliminates the need for traditional heating.


Read more about Passivhaus and our recent project below

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