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Self Build Replacement Dwelling in AONB - North Wales

We obtained planning approval for this self build project in October 2018, having negotiated a very difficult application process. The existing cottage was classed as having specific architectural merit and the Local Authority Conservation officer was keen to see the existing building extended and adapted however, the project engineers had to condemn the structure during the early phase of the design process.

This opened up the options for the client who wanted to create a modern and spacious family home, whilst having a design that was sensitive to the setting utilising more vernacular styles and materials. The site lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in rural North Wales and the proposals were developed alongside the client brief to produce the final scheme design. Following submission the scheme was revised in part, to ensure that the objections raised by AONB, conservation, Town Council and the Local Planning Authority were adequately addressed. Once planning consent had been issued, we worked closely with the client and his subcontractors to ensure the detailed design offered solutions that were suitable for the sites constraint's and that offered good value for money.

Utilising individual tradespeople where necessary and completing a lot of the work themselves, the client has managed the project superbly and has gained a lot of knowledge through the process. The workmanship by the client and the professional's involved with the project, along with the attention to detail and coordination by the client will have a dramatic impact on the end results. We can't wait to re-visit on completion!

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